CheMarCo Suppliers

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A&C Catalyst

TECHNIREZ® - Modifiers for epoxy resins
TECHNICURE® - Latent curing agents and accelerators for epoxy resins
AJICURE® - Latent curing agents and accelerators for epoxy resins
RESICURE® - Imidazole accelerator for DICY and Anhydrides
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Alpoxy™ - Epoxy resins
Adamine™ - Amine curing agents
Oximod™ - Epoxy diluents and additives
Visit the Alpine Chemical website.

Calcined Alumina
Magmesium Oxide
Tabular Alumina
Visit the AluChem website.

Chartsil adhesion promoters
Chartwell adhesion promoters
Visit the Chartwell website.

Color-Right® Dispensing System
Dyno-Mill Horizontal and Pilot Mills
Hydro-Tek Solvent Recovery Systems
Red Head Lab Mills
Red Head Solvent Recovery Systems
Red Head Tank, Drum and Tote Washers
Red Head Vertical Mills
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Specialty epoxy curing agents
Visit the Epoxy Chemicals Inc website.

Natural Fibers for Industrial and Technical Applications
Microcrystalline Cellulose
HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose)
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Organosilanes (Silane Coupling Agents)
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Chemax Wetting Agents and Emulsifiers
Chemfac Phosphate Esters
Chemstat® AF Antifogs
Chemstat® Antistats
Chemstat® HTSA Slip Agents
Hydromax Specialty Hydrotropes
Maxhib Corrosion inhibitors
Maxlube Lubricant Additives
Maxomer® Lube Lubricants
Maxsperse® Pigment Dispersants
Polymax® Plating Additives
Surmax® Alkaline Stable Surfactants
Visit the PCC Chemax website.

Oxylink - The additive for better waterborne coatings.
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AcryGen® - Acrylics/Styrene Acrylics
Genflo® - Styrene Butadiene
GenCryl® - Styrene Butadiene Acrylonitrile
Lytron® - Opacifiers for cosmetic and household products
Mor-Shine™ - Polymers for floor care
Mor-Glo® - Synthetic Polymer
Omnapel® - Hydrophobic Acrylic cement and gypsum modifier
Sequabond® - Styrene Acrylics
PLIOLITE® - Solid resins for solvent-based coatings
PLIOTEC® - Waterborne resins for masonry, concrete, and anticorrosion coatings
PLIOWAY® - High solubility, low odor, high solids, low V.O.C. resins
POLYFOX™ - Fluoropolymers
HYDRO PLIOLITE® - Modified acrylate copolymer emulsions
Visit the OMNOVA Solutions website.

Ultralube - Wax Emulsions, Dispersions, and Microdispersions
Visit the KeimAdditec website.


SILCO SPERSE - Dispersing additives
SILCO WET - Wetting additives
SILCO FLW - Flow + Levelling additives
SILCO AF - Defoaming additives
SILCO GLIDE - Slip additives
SILCO PHOBE - Hydrophobing additives
Visit the Silcona website.

Bartex - Barium Sulfate
Haltex - Alumina Trihydrate
Hitox - Buff-colored Titanium Dioxide Pigments
Tioprem - High Performance Pigments
Visit the Tor Minerals website.

AGE Reactive Diluent (C12-C14)
Epoxy Resin - AGE diluted resin (BE-114)
Epoxy Resin - Epoxy novolacs (PNE-177)
Epoxy Resin - Standard Bis-F (BFE-170)
Epoxy Resin - Standard Bis-A (BE-188)
Epoxy Resin - Xylene diluted solid resin (BE-501-X-75)
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AMA® Preservative Biocide Products
Colloid and Callaway® Defoamers
Colloid Dispersants
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Borogard ZB
Firebrake ZB
Visit the US Borax website. 

Ammonium Polyphosphate (APP)
Benzyl Alcohol
Epoxy Resin - CGE diluted resin (CMC-1507)
White Pigment Dispersions

JLS-APP (Ammonium Polyphosphate)
JLS-MC (Melamine Cyanurate)
JLS-PNA (Melamine Polyphosphate)
JLS-PNP Series
JLS-PENTA (Pentaerythritol)
Visit the JLS website.


Polyurethane Dispersions
Visit the Resonate website.

100 Mesh Recycled Powders
CS Recycled Post Consumer Glass Powders
LA Recycled Post Industrial Glass Powders
VitroBloc Glass Powders
Visit the VitroMinerals website.